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Trading and wholesaling healthy Desi Cow, Indian HF Cow and many other cattle breed, since 1980!

An Overview

Dedicated to share our love of humanity with livestock, we, Anjani Nandan Dairy Farm, began taking care of cattle in the year 1980. Slowly and steadily, we transformed our passion of livestock caring into a business of trading healthy cattle. This step was taken with the vision of empowering people associated with dairy farming by providing them healthy and fit cattle. Our unwavering commitment to provide our customers with a variety of healthy cattle breeds, we have come a long way as a trader and wholesaler of Desi Cow, Indian Murrah Buffalo, Rathi Cow, Sahiwal Cow With Calf, Indian HF Cow and more. We have seen many ups and downs throughout our journey but with our understanding ability, knowledge and managerial skills, we have come up as a marvel in this industry.

Proper Shelter and Feed

We treat our livestock as a part of our family. Our Indian HF Cow, Rathi Cow, Sahiwal Bull and all other cattle breed are the members of our family. And, taking care of them is our responsibility and we feel extremely happy in doing so. This is why, we own a farm that sprawls over a large piece of land which is fertile and ideal for proper grazing and feeding of our cattle. Good quality hay and pasture along with clean water, feed and supplements ensure that our cattle grow and develop healthily. Regular sanitation and cleaning of farm as well as health checkups of our cattle breeds ensure they remain fit and healthy. Ventilated shelters protect our Indian Murrah Buffalo, Desi Cow and other cattle breed from the harsh sun, rain and other weather conditions. Needless to say, our farm is a perfect example of traditional and modern farming practices, smoothly blending together.

The Best Alliance

Go through below cited points to understand why we are looked upon as the best alliance:
  • Proper attention is given to not only our cattle but our staff. Regular health check-ups are conducted for them also. This is done to avoid the spread of infections from humans to livestock and vice-a-versa.
  • 40 years of experience in the domain of trading and wholesaling cattle.
  • Availability of various cattle breeds to provide customers with plethora of choices.
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